How to build your own peer support group - NOW IN AN ONLINE VARIANT (in English)

Attention: this training is provided in English, but with the possibility of having a subgroup in Dutch if some participants have trouble with understanding English.

Would you like to organize a peer support group to grow and explore open communication with? To create a safe space in which you learn how to listen attentively and express yourself authentically? Participating in our workshops, you will experience the benefits of a facilitative environment and learn the skills needed to create one. You can participate for free or donate some amount as you like.

This training is updated to the current situation with COVID-19. Many people are in need of mental support because of the profound isolation and uncertainty. Many helpers are puzzled about how to reach vulnerable people. We offer a (still free) special COVID-19 variant of our training, addressing these issues. In a ZOOM-session, you will meet the trainers and other participants online and learn how to organize safe peer support groups in this strange era.

Would you prefer to follow the training 'Media training for destigmatizers' (in Dutch)? This is possible via this link: media training.

What do you learn?

  • Based on our experience, we will help you set up an action plan to organize your own support group. 
  • We will share the knowledge and practical guidelines that emerged in the process of developing our concept.
  • You will put these guidelines into practice and experience sharing yourself openly in a safe space.
  • Throughout the recurring meetings, you will deepen your self-understanding and improve your ability to receive others empathically. 

When do the trainings take place?

In the evening of a workday. A training consist of three (or more, in agreement with the participants) sessions at a time point that will be collectively decided on with all participants. After you subscribe below, you will be contacted to schedule the groups together with the other participants. You can subscribe at any time. You will be added to a new group.

Meet the trainers


For the last 2 1/2 years, Cas Hebbink (above), Mia Szymanski (second picture) and Gergö Stich (last picture) have been organizing a peer support group alongside their psychology studies. Influenced by ideas of humanistic psychology and through their personal experience, they have developed a concept of how to relate authentically to others in a safe space.

          Do you want to sign up?

Do you want to sign up? Great! Please fill in the form below and you will receive a confirmation. Do you have a question about the training? Feel free to ask via the form. Cas, the trainer, is happy to reply you. Hope to see you soon!

This training has been made possible thanks to a grant by Social Run ( #Meedoeniswinnen