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I'm in the process of making all of my data and processes public! Find my academic work and its underlying data, scripts and do-files here.

Project 1:

Doing Science in Times of Covid-19: A Survey. 

Read and download it all here.

Project 2: Acta Sociologica 2018:

Attitudes towards income inequality: ‘Winners’ versus ‘losers’ of the perceived meritocracy

Award-winning paper Society of Friends and Former Associates of the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies, November 2020. All open access here:



This do-files are open accessible under the Open Data Commons Public CDomain Dedication and License (PDDL)
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The do-files are ran on the datafile ISSP2009_sessionmarch2017_new
That dataset is a derivative from the original ISSP 2009 DATASET DOWNLOADABLE HERE
ISSP Social Inequality Module IV 2009
DOI: doi:10.4232/1.11506

Scholarly publications:        

Journal article | Lutter, M., Roex, K.L.A. & Tisch, D. (2019). Anomie or Imitation? The Werther Effect of Celebrity Suicides on Suicide Rates in 34 OECD Countries, 1960-2014. Social Science and Medicine, 0(XX).

AWARD WINNING journal article | Roex, K.L.A., Huijts, T. & Sieben, I. (2018). Attitudes Towards Income Inequality: ‘Winners’ versus ‘losers’ of the perceived meritocracy. Acta Sociologica, 62(1), 47-63. In 2020, this paper won an award of the Society of Friends and Former Associates of the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies.

Dissertation | Roex, K.L.A. (2018). Anomie, the American Dream, Shame and Diffusion: The Impact of the Economy on Suicide. Cologne: Univ of Cologne.

Journal article | Roex, K.L.A. (2018). Inkomensongelijkheid en de stijging in ‘verward’ gedrag [Income Inequality and the Increase of Police Calls on Mental Breakdowns]. Mens en Maatschappij, 93(2), 139-162

Journal article | Roex, K.L.A. & Rözer, J.J. (2017). The Social Norm to Work and the Well-Being of the Short- and Long-Term Unemployed, Social Indicators Research, 139, 1037–1064.

Conference paper | Roex, K.L.A. (2017). The Obamacare impact: States that provide for accessible health insurance have lower suicide rates. European Journal of Public Health, 27(3), 169-170.